- Relaxation, Well-being
- Stimulates blood circulation
- Undoes muscular and emotional tensions
- Relaxes muscles, relieves pain and joints
- Eliminates toxins
- Helps to fight insomnia, stress, depression and regulate your sleeping cycles.

Il is important to understand that the benefits of good Spa secessions are not punctual, the effects will last a few days.

Counter Indications

- The massages jets must not be too harsh for people with small muscles build, il couléd cause trauma to the tissues.
- There is a risk of drowsiness and / or hyperthermia if sessions exceed a period of about 30 minutes and a higher water temperature than 40°C
​- Severe heart disease

Your five senses will be stimulated

Touch is the most sought sense that is solicited during a Spa session.  The combination of hot water and massage has multiple virtues, like relaxation and invigoration.

The layout and decoration, the dim lighting, the colours and materials are laid out harmoniously, to coordinate a cosy atmosphere.  All these details incense the feeling of well being and relaxation.

Music has the power to call on the most archaic functions of our brain, the "emotions centre".  There are certain tonalities and music's that have a relaxing power and it forces our intellectual activity to rest.  The sensation we are looking for is to make our ears be rocked by soft, zen music and this will force our sprite to rest.

With aromatherapy, the natural essences used will be diffused in the room.  A real olfactory pleasure.  There is a multitude of fragrances that will incense your feeling of wellbeing and force your body to relax and eliminate the negative tensions.

Sitting for a moment while drinking something warm, this will relax all your senses.  Whether it's a lemon or verbena herbal tea, you will quickly fell the warmth of the drink relaxing your body and bringing a much appreciated wellness feeling.